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Shaping Minds

Transforming lives

Engaging with Technology

Building Future

Our Mission is to guide people specially students in becoming Unique.

Consulting, Technologies, Research, Industry

Path to uniqueness


(UG, PG, PhD, PostDoc)

  • Resume enhancement guidance

  • Life design Career Guidance

  • Presentation Guidance

  • Project Guidance - VLSI, PE, AI, ML, IoT

  • Leadership Guidance

  • Internships Guidance

  • Industry Projects

  • Advanced Instrumentation

  • Software - Simulators, Mathematical

  • SoP

  • Innovative Experiment Design

  • Thesis Guidance, PhD, Post Doc

  • Foreign University Visit

  • Industry Preparedness

  • Advanced Hardware Boards

  • Product Design


  • Laboratory Upgradation at Low cost

  • Project and Presentation Evaluation

  • Entrepreneurship Activity

Group Learners

  • Trainings and Online Internships

  • Certificate and Courses - India and Abroad

  • Product Design for groups

  • Design Projects 

  • High end Trainings - UAV, Small Satellite Design, System Engineering


  • Product Design Consultancy

  • Standard Consultancy

  • Training in Upcoming technologies


  • Beginner level training in IoT, AI, ML, Robotics

  • Innovative Experiment Design

  • Career Guidance


   We are a group of professors, technologists and entrepreneurs with

decades of experience and International exposure 

in Industry, Academia, research, teaching and innovation. 

With experience of teaching 1000s of students, guiding young people in innovation and research we identified the successful patterns which are needed in educating and guiding people to expolre their true potential.

Our philosophy >> " Everyone on this earth is Unique"

 We specialize in 

  • AI, ML, Deep Learning, Automation 

  • Robotics, SMPS, Nano Satellite design, Advanced  Instrumentation 

  • PSpice, Multisim, LTSpice, FEKO, MicroWind VLSI, OpenCV

  • Indian copyrights, Indian patents, Short-term Foreign Post Doc. 

  • International Research MOUs and Adjunct Foreign Professor appointment 


Jayesh, IT Professional

I have worked with the team of Genius Singulars  and their exceptional guidance has helped me  largely in  resume and career building.

Deep , North Carolina

Ishana, IT Professional

I have received guidance from team members of Genius Singulars and their help was 

instrumental in my decisions  and getting me where I am today. 

During my student days  discussing my career plans with Genius Singular Team  for past  three years has helped me  in building a strong resume. 

Shiny Ladder



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