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What we do
Guiding young students to achieve excellence in their careers.
Guiding people in projects, research, patents and copyrights.
Help Institutions to upgrade their laboratories for innovation and industry.
 Carrying out Industry Research and building Industrial systems
Guiding schools and children in design of systems and advanced technologies



Our lead team members have national and International experience of decades in Academics, Industry, research and product design.

We have guided 1000s of students in past for achieving a very rewarding career. All the senior members of team have served on leadership positions in various organizations.

Our all experts, aged or young are solidly knowledgeable and very strong in their fields. Dedicated to cause and result oriented. From VLSI, Power Electronics, Computer Vision and Digital designs are some areas where they keep themselves updated with state of the art technologies.


Prof. Bhuvan Unhelkar

Chief Executive Officer (Hon.)

Founder & Consultant at MethodScience and Co-Founder & Director at, Prof. of IT; Fellow of the Aus Comp Society; IEEE Sr. Member; Life member CSI, BMA; Rotarian, PHF+7, PP Sunrise Sarasota & St. Ives, Sydney.

His industry experience includes banking, finance, insurance, government and telecommunications where he develops and applies Industry-Specific Process Maps, Business Transformation Approaches, Capability Enhancement and Quality Strategies.

Dr. Unhelkar has authored numerous executive reports, journal articles and 20 books with internationally reputed publishers including Big Data Strategies for Agile Business (Taylor and Francis/CRC Press, USA, 2017). Recent Cutter executive reports (Boston, USA) include Psychology of Agile (two parts), Agile Business Analysis (two parts), Collaborative Business & Enterprise Agility, Avoiding Method Friction and Agile in Practice-a Composite Approach. He is also passionate about coaching senior executives, training, re-skilling and mentoring IT professionals, forming centers of excellence and creating assessment frameworks (SFIA-based) to support corporate change initiatives.


Prof. P. C. Garg

Co - Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Prof. Garg has over 40 years of International and national experience in academics, Industry and research. He has guided several people in achieving new heights in studies, career and life. He has designed several consumer products for US and Europe Market. In India he has helped many Industries by developing low cost indigenous versions of expensive systems procured from abroad. He has developed several laboratories with very innovative experiments.


Prof. Prasun Chakrabarti

Co-founder and Distinguished Research Scientist

Prof. Chakraborty is globally well respected around the world for his academic achievements and credentials. He has published large number of research papers both in International journals and conferences. He has many patents and book chapters to his name. A well known expert of AI has guided several M. Tech. and PhD students all over India. He believes that providing right guidance at right time can change the future of young people to an excellent one.


Deepa Saksena

Lead Marketing and Accounts

Deepa an intelligent computer scientist turned into entrepreneur has deep interest in making lives of people better through education, training and life guidance. She has also deep interest in spirituality and very compassionate towards life in any form on earth. 


Vinay Sharma

Head of Industry research

Vinay is a Hard Core technologist who has designed 100s of systems for Institutes, Industries and Government Organizations. He is expert of DSP, Digital Designs, VLSI and Instrument Design. Vinay has an instinct to change lives of young people. 

Junior Research Fellows


Vinit Yadav

Research Engineer

Vinit has a curious mind to explore different technologies. He believes in applied research which has real outcomes in-terms of real product. His research interests are in Autonomous mobile robots, Flying Robots, Space-Robotics.

He also has keen interests in Satellite Designs. He also has published research paper in above areas. He has excellent hand in Solidworks, Arduino-Robotics, Raspberry-pi based systems. He has delivered many trainings in schools which have been highly appreciated by students and school authorities.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-18 at 3.19.50 PM.jpeg

Hasti Patel


Hasti has dedicated mindset to meet the targets assigned to her. She has a strong research mindset and has already published four research paper at this young age in the field of machine learning in health care, digital twins, Artificial intelligence.

She recently visited singapore for research in the field of machine learning application in Power Transformer fault detection.

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Aman Kumar

Undergrad-Student 2nd Year

Aman is very dedicated individual with great interest in design and research in robotics and mechatronics. He has built number of robots based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

With an excellent academic credentials, he has potential to carve a niche for himself in automated system design. He also keen interest in space-robotics.

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