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Industry Projects and Research


AI, Data Mining and ML

AI, ML & automation are soon going to be the mainstream technology applicable everywhere. Everyone needs to learn these technologies to make their future secure. We take projects and impart training in AI, ML, Data Mining and Automation.


Power Electronics

We have designed systems for Tinplate Industry, Coal Industry and many others. SMPS and Linear Power Supply design is one major area. Also for USA market consumer products design experience we have. We have experts in Academic research in Power Electronics who have published many papers and books. Contact us for more discussion. 


Embedded and Digital Systems

We have experts in Embedded System Design who have developed many systems and can build as per requirement.

We can also help in design and analysis of Digital Systems. 


Instrument and System Design

Our experts have designed systems like Thickness Detection Systems, Explosion Travel Speed Measurement, Motion Contorl Circuits and other high end instruments.

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